How can I use Whoonext at my business?

The Whoonext online portal works on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can easily register via our website After registering you will have access to your unique QR code. Your customers can scan the code to join the digital queue at your business. You can find this QR code within your Whoonext account where it can be printed or downloaded.

What do my customers need to use Whoonext?

The customer needs a smartphone with an internet data bundle. Customers do not necessarily have to download the app. They can use the web app by scanning the QR code with the camera of their smartphone or with a QR-code scanner. Whoonext is and will remain free for your customers.

What if my customer does not have a smartphone or internet on his/her/their smartphone?

Numbers don’t lie. In 2018, 84% of the Dutch population already used mobile internet outside the home and outside of work, including the elderly (source: CBS). Of course there are always exceptions, which is why we have created the option to add the exceptions in your online portal. Write down the name or describe your customer so you can call them the old-fashioned way when it’s their turn. We also provide an alternative to present your customers a screen where they can join the queue by entering their name themselves. 


Do I have to download the app to use Whoonext?

Another app!? No. We know it can be a barrier downloading another app. Whoonext can therefore also be used without the Whoonext app. Simply scan the QR code via the camera of your smartphone or with a QR code scanner at the location and join the digital queue. When it is (almost) your turn, you will receive a text message (only if you are willing to leave your phone number).

Do I have to pay for the app?

No. The app is free for all users.

Do I have to create an account?

No. It is not necessary to create an account and no personal data is stored.

What should I do if I don’t have a smartphone?

No smart phone? No problem. Because you are one of the few, you can ask the entrepreneur to manually add you to the digital queue. They might ask for your name so they can call you when it is your turn. Unfortunatly because you do not use a smartphone, you do not have the same freedoms as Whoonext users. 

Do I need an internet bundle?

To use Whoonext it is necessary to have a working internet connection. This way we can keep you informed of your queue position. Wifi will not always be sufficient. We want to give you the freedom to decide for yourself where you want to wait. If you decide to walk around the block, there is a risk of getting out of range with a WiFi connection.

What if I’m late?

To notify you, you will receive several notifications (app) or  a text message SMS (web version) when it is (almost) your turn. If it is your turn but you are not present on time, the entrepeneur decides to delete you from the queue or to keep you in the queue it little bit longer. If the entrepeneur decides to delete you from the queue it will show on your screen.