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Haarlem native develops new app: ‘Why should we still have to stand in line in 2021’

Haarlem ladies Dewi Knaapen (35) and Eline Boshuizen (32) have developed a new app that ensures you never have to stand in a queue again. “It is actually bizarre that in the year 2021 we still have to stand in a line, while everyone is busy filling their time as efficiently as possible,” said Dewi.

Haarlem residents launch digital queuing app

“Never stand in that physical queue again”

Nothing more annoying than queues, especially with this winter weather. Haarlem residents   Dewi Knaapen (35) and Eline Boshuizen (32) decided to change that. With Whoonext, the mobile solution for the physical queue, standing in line is a thing of the past.  Haarlem is the first city where Whoonext will be rolled out. Other cities will soon follow.

Never queue again thanks to new Haarlem app

Two people from Haarlem have developed a real queuing app. With Whoonext, you’ll never have to stand in line again… Of course, Haarlem gets the scoop!