What are you still waiting for?

Who doesn’t hate standing in line? With Whoonext you no longer have to. Physically that is. Because from now on you are waiting while you continue shopping, eat an ice cream, rest on a bench or… well whatever you want!

With Whoonext you are getting back your freedom of movement. Simply scan the QR code at your desired location and immediately see how many people are waiting in front of you. Join the digital queue and start enjoying your freedom and get a notificiations when it’s your turn!

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How does it work?

1. Scan QR code

Whoonext digitalerij app - scan qr code

Scan the QR code at the company where you want to join the queue and see immediately how many people are waiting in front of you. 

This can be done via the Whoonext app or via the web based app using the camera on your smartphone or a QR code scanner.

2. Join the queue

Whoonext digitalerij app - nog 5 wachtenden scherm

You can join the digital queue at the push of a button. 

Start enjoying your freedom! Do whatever you feel like, go to another store, grab some extra vitamin D by waiting in the sun or rest on a bench.

3. You are next!

Whoonext digitalerij app - aan de beurt scherm

Your queuing position is always available to you and you will receive a notification when it’s your turn. 

This way you are always back in time at the location where you are in the Whoonext digital queue.

Where next?

Don’t waste any more time standing in line. Tell us where you wish to never queue physically again and where they should start using Whoonext. It could be a restaurant, bank, optician or famous local bakery, let us know.

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Whoonext for your business?

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Give your customers freedom of movement while waiting and let them join the Whoonext digital queue with their smartphones. Old-fashioned queuing devices and expensive sequential number systems with unnecessary hardware are a thing of the past. Whoonext is a contemporary queue management system that removes the inconvenience of physical queues. Save considerably on operational costs, manage customer flows and promote customer satisfaction.

Do you want to check whether Whoonext is something for your company and your customers? Sign up now and try Whoonext for free now without any financial commitment.

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Corona or no corona

Physical queues have existed since there was a product or service worth waiting for. Whether you are waiting for an appointment at cityhall, the optician, the hairdresser or the bakery. However, these queues became more visible during the corona crisis. Due to the one and a half meter society, some companies are forced to let their customers wait outside. This might be okay for some people when the sun is shining, but how happy are your customers on rainy, cold days? Don’t leave your customers out in the cold and start using Whoonext!

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