The word is out! We are live in Haarlem. As a team, we naturally love getting attention for our startup from the local media immediately after the launch. Roel Diender of Indebuurt Haarlem interviewed founder Dewi Knaapen about the philosophy of our digital queue tool. And the Haarlems Weekblad also interviewed us about current developments and their applications in corona time.  

Due to the current corona measures, the shopping streets have been extinct for weeks. Now that the cabinet has announced that there will soon be relaxation again and that shops can (partly) open again, we at Whoonext see the opportunity to respond to this. For example, Whoonext is the perfect way to regulate customer flows in this one and a half meter society. By joining the digital queue, customers do not have to stay in the store, so that the measures can be better adhered to.

In the Haarlems Weekblad it is written how Whoonext can be of added value in corona time. In the article by Indebuurt , Knaapen is extensively interviewed about the operation of Whoonext and co-founder Eline Boshuizen explains what in her opinion is the major advantage of the digital queuing system. Especially in corona time there are many possibilities for entrepreneurs with Whoonext, but of course we hope to be able to continue after corona. Physical queues are of all times. Whether you are waiting for an appointment at the town hall, the telecom shop, the hairdresser or the sandwich shop.

Added value

We believe that companies that start using Whoonext can remove the biggest annoyance for their customers: queues. Customers get the ultimate freedom in return. Because the customers draw a digital number thanks to the digital queuing system, they can go wherever they want. Additional advantages are that the waiting time no longer feels ‘unused’ and that the observed waiting time also feels shorter. This significantly improves the queue experience, which benefits customer satisfaction. And perhaps the most pleasant: customers know where they stand.

Testing new features

The developments of our contemporary queue management system are still in full swing and it is expected that this will not come to a standstill in the coming months. We are currently working with beachclub Tijn Akersloot to run an extensive test. This will mean that we can properly test all new features.