That Whoonext is a success for catering entrepreneurs is apparent at beach pavilion Tijn Akersloot in Zandvoort. When the terrace at the beach club is full, Whoonext is used and customers no longer have to be turned away. Profit for the customer, but also profit for the business.

Practical and customer-friendly

Since the terraces are open again, Tijn Akersloot has started Whoonext. “We were looking for a way to fill our tables more efficiently. As a catering entrepreneur, you want to offer all your guests a nice place, even the customers who come by spontaneously.”

“With Whoonext we can create a digital waiting list very quickly. That’s super practical. In addition, you can generate more turnover through this efficiency drive. If you can use an extra table, that investment will pay for itself very quickly.”

User friendly

“We give our guests the choice to queue, without having to be physically present. Our guests are waiting on the beach with a beer and are therefore already completely immersed in the beach experience,” says Jakob.

“If you can use an extra table, that investment will pay for itself very quickly.”

According to Jakob, customers react positively to pulling a digital number. “It is very user-friendly and fast. We sometimes have to guide our older customers a little more, but with the younger generation it all comes naturally.”

If people do not have a smartphone at their disposal, Jakob can easily queue them up manually. Then they wait in plain sight so Jacob can call them when it’s their turn. “But so far this has not turned out to be necessary.”

Added value

Jakob thinks that Whoonext can also be of added value for other catering entrepreneurs. “It is especially ideal for the somewhat smaller locations that are popular,” he thinks. “If you have more customers than capacity, Whoonext can be a godsend.”