We see it at banks, town halls or pharmacies: fancy serial number systems that manage queues. For many entrepreneurs it is a significant investment, which is also often unnecessary and unsustainable. With Whoonext there is now a modern digital queue management system that replaces the hardware.

The well-known number systems often cost hundreds to thousands of euros and are used together with expensive narrowcasting systems at service desks, administration offices or hospitals. For the starting or small entrepreneur, the price is often a huge barrier.

Get a ticket number

The cheap alternative is the old-fashioned paper ‘draw a number’. The classic red number device at the baker or butcher has almost become youth sentiment. Yet there are still entrepreneurs who opt for this. “Cheap”, “suitable for the older customer”, “recognizable”, are the most frequently mentioned arguments. But do these arguments still hold?

Although the systems are now wireless and multi-digit and are also equipped with remote control and brochure holder, it remains unsustainable and also not up-to-date.


And that actually applies to all queuing systems: none are really sustainable. Paper tickets are issued, hardware has to be fabricated, electricity is needed. And that while we live in a time in which we do everything on our smartphone: from our banking to maintaining our social contacts.

From hardware to software

With the digital queuing tool Whoonext, queues are perfectly digitized. For this online software system to manage customer flows, the entrepreneur only needs a laptop or tablet. Customers use their mobile phone to secure their spot in line by scanning a QR code.

A smartphone queuing system like Whoonext takes the pain out of queuing and helps companies save huge on their operational costs. It also promotes better utilization of the waiting time. The customer has the freedom to leave the location and receives various notifications so that he / she can be back to you on time. This ensures increased customer satisfaction in the queue.

Are you also in doubt about purchasing a serial number system and are you curious about the possibilities with Whoonext? Please do not hesitate to contact us.